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Tooth Fillings in Kellyville – Restoring your smile at MyHM Dentist

When your tooth starts to show signs of decay, our team here at the MyHM Dentist clinic can stop it from progressing any further and causing more damage by providing tooth fillings in Kellyville. Tooth fillings are applied to developing cavities to restore your teeth back to their normal shape and prevent any further problems.

Stop Decay with Tooth Fillings

When you visit our dentist for your routine check-up here at MyHM Dentist, we take a close look at the surface of your teeth – this is to check for any signs of cracks or decay. If we see anything that requires treatment, we’ll let you know right away.

Tooth fillings are commonly used as a lasting and preventative solution to stop decay in its tracks. This treatment is much easier than having a root canal, which can be the result of decay that is left and has become extensive. Rest assured that if you do need treatment, our mercury free tooth fillings in Kellyville are straightforward and generally only require one or two visits to our MyHM Dentist clinic.


What Kind of Tooth Fillings are Available?

There are two basic types of tooth fillings that can be used to fill a hole in your tooth.

Indirect tooth fillings – these usually require one or more visits to our clinic as they’re tailor-made to your needs in the dental laboratory. They include onlays, inlays, veneers, bridges and crowns.

Direct tooth fillings – these are applied to the tooth cavity in a single appointment. They include composite resin and glass and resin ionomers. White or tooth-coloured fillings are the most popular option chosen as they provide natural looking results and go unnoticed.

Which Option is Right for Me?

A number of factors can affect the performance, longevity and durability of tooth filling restorations such as:

● The amount of tooth structure that you have remaining
● The type of chewing force that the tooth will have to bear
● The location of your tooth filling
● If you have any habits such as teeth grinding

If you require tooth fillings in Kellyville NSW, our dentist will be happy to discuss the different options that are available and advise you on which would be the most suitable for you. Call us today on (02) 9158 6379 to learn more about our family dental services in Sydney including a wide range of general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry. Let MyHM Dentist care for all your dental needs.

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