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Teeth Grinding in Kellyville – What Causes It?

Do you find yourself regularly waking up in the morning with sore teeth and jaws? If so, you could be suffering from Bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding. Patients may not even realise that they’re clenching and grinding, as it’s one of those tricky conditions that can go unnoticed for some time until you start to show symptoms commonly associated with teeth grinding, such as frequent headaches and jaw pain.

Is Teeth Grinding bad?

In short, yes. Grinding your teeth can hurt your smile and cause permanent damage to the enamel – which is the protective layer of a tooth’s structure. If suffering from teeth grinding, patients may notice symptoms such as:

● A dull ache in the jaw
● Waking up with headaches
● Facial muscles aching
● Tight and stiff shoulders
● Worn or cracked teeth
● Sensitive teeth


What Can Cause Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding is a very common condition and there are a few underlying reasons that could be causing the habit, such as:

Anxiety & Stress – is believed to be the most common cause of teeth grinding, especially at night time. Emotional stress and anxiety can affect you while you sleep and subconsciously cause bruxism.

Lifestyle Choices – your lifestyle can definitely be a major cause of bruxism. If you drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs, you are more likely to grind your teeth.

Medication – certain types of medicine, such as mood changing drugs like anti-depressants, are known to cause teeth grinding as a side effect.

An Abnormal Bite – if you’ve lost a few teeth, have a crooked smile or your upper and lower teeth don’t meet together properly, you are more likely to suffer from teeth grinding.

If you’re suffering from teeth grinding, don’t hesitate to call our MyHM Dentist clinic in NSW on (02) 9158 6379 to book an appointment. There are a variety of treatments our dentist can provide to help alleviate any pain caused by teeth grinding such as custom mouth guards and splints.

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