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Dental costs have led many Australians to seek teeth whitening treatments overseas. Teeth whitening in Bali, Indonesia is a popular destination for Australians due to its close proximity, inexpensive teeth whitening treatments, and tropical location. 

Before you book your next flight to Bali for teeth whitening, you must be aware of the different teeth whitening standards and dental regulations. In Australia, dental professionals adhere to the highest dental standards for safe teeth whitening treatments and follow-up care. 


How Teeth Whitening Treatments Work?

Teeth whitening treatments use a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. The oxygen molecules in the peroxide react immediately with the pigment molecules dissolving stains. Once the oxygen molecules have broken down and removed the stains, your teeth become visibly brighter. 

Your dentist performs a cleaning and check-up to make sure that your teeth are strong enough for a teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist removes all plaque and tartar from your teeth. Then, they polish them to make them smooth. You have the option of receiving an in-chair teeth whitening treatment or taking teeth whitening trays home.


The Dangers of Teeth Whitening in Bali

As with getting dental work in Thailand, there are significant health and safety risks if you get teeth whitening in Bali. Since Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia have varying degrees of dental regulations and standards, a dental practice in Bali may not hold the same degree of hygiene and infection control as a dental practice in Australia. 

In Bali, you might not receive a dental checkup and cleaning prior to treatment. You may not even be asked about your medical history to check if you are a candidate for teeth whitening

dangers teeth whitening bali kellyvilleAside from booking flights and accommodations for your holiday in Bali, you also need to consider the out-of-pocket costs for a teeth whitening treatment.

Due to the lack of insurance coverage for dental procedures outside of the country, you have few legal options to pursue a malpractice lawsuit if there are any dental complications as a result of negligent treatment.

If your expectations are not met during your teeth whitening treatment, you will be responsible for any costs involved in repairing changes to your teeth’s colour or damage to your gums.


Reasons to Get Teeth Whitening in Australia

In Australia, teeth whitening is governed by strict regulations to ensure that your oral health is a priority. You can save time, money, and time off from work when you receive teeth whitening in Australia instead of flying to Bali.


  • High Hygienic Standards and Regulations

The Australian Dental Association and Dental Board of Australia guarantee the safety of teeth whitening treatments by regulating products, hygiene, facilities, and safety protocols.

Professional teeth whitening treatments, such as Philips Zoom Whitening, usually use higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. As a result, Australian law requires dental professionals to supervise the procedure. Otherwise, you run the risk of teeth whitening treatments damaging your enamel if they are left on too long by a dental professional abroad. 


  • Easier Communication

If you opt for teeth whitening in Bali, you may receive treatment from a dentist whose first language is not English. This leaves a lot of room for error when communicating your whitening goals and aftercare. 

With an Australian dentist, you can easily talk about the teeth whitening options available and your expectations for treatment. Our dental professionals consider your teeth whitening goals and can follow up with you if you have questions and concerns after your teeth whitening treatment


  • Convenient Teeth Whitening Treatments

Dental teeth whitening treatments can contain over 6% of hydrogen peroxide under Australian law for at-home teeth whitening treatments. This ensures that you receive the right teeth whitening treatment under the supervision of dental professionals.

Depending on the conditions of your mouth and teeth, you might consider wearing whitening trays a few hours a day. Our dentist makes an impression of your teeth to customise Pola teeth whitening trays that you only need to wear for a few days. 

You can also come to the dentist for an in-chair Philips Zoom whitening treatment. A small amount of gel is applied directly to your teeth and then activated with a UV light. The dentist will follow up with you on aftercare instructions and guidance on taking care of your whitened teeth. 


Teeth Whitening in Australia: Trust Experienced Dental Professionals

Despite the inexpensive costs of teeth whitening in Bali, professional teeth whitening at an Australian dental practice is a safe, valuable investment. You can not only save the costs of travel and any dental complications while on holiday, but you can also enjoy quality dental care in the comfort of a clean, professional dental practice close to home.


If you’re looking for a bright, winning smile, we can help. To learn more about our teeth whitening treatments, call on (02) 9158 6379.

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