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Crooked teeth can negatively affect various aspects of your life, from your confidence to your oral health. Understanding the options for how to straighten teeth can help you make an informed decision about which treatment method is best for your lifestyle and the severity of the malocclusion

If the idea of traditional dental braces and unsightly metal brackets are holding you back from improving your smile, learn about the array of modern orthodontic options available at MyHM Dentist in Kellyville. For mild to moderate alignment work, contemporary dental braces or clear aligners are effective teeth straightening methods that are also discreet. 


How to Straighten Teeth: Teeth Straightening Options

As dental technology continues to advance, there are more options for straightening teeth than ever. The selection of orthodontic treatment options available at MyHM Dentist includes modern solutions that are subtle and effective.


  • Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are custom trays that fit in your mouth and gently push your teeth into proper teeth alignment. These can be worn for 20-22 hours a day over your treatment of about 12-18 months. You can remove them for eating, drinking, and brushing and flossing your teeth. They should be worn for two weeks at a time and then switched out to other trays. 

They can be used to address mild oral issues such as gapped teeth and crooked teeth. You can also use clear aligners to fix malocclusions like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Clear aligners are ideal for patients who want an invisible, convenient, and comfortable teeth straightening treatment. Your dentist will need to see you every four weeks to monitor your progression.  


  • Contemporary Dental Braces

benefits smile care straightening options kellyvilleMetal dental braces use a wire and bracket system to apply pressure consistently to position them into the correct placements in the mouth. They have been used for several decades for teeth straightening, correcting jaw alignment problems, and relieving any oral discomfort. 

At MyHM Dentist, we offer contemporary dental braces that are lightweight and comfortable. You can opt for clear 3M brackets to correct malocclusion on your front six to eight smile teeth. Tooth coloured wires are used to make the braces as discreet as possible, and minimal force is required because the movement only occurs in the front teeth. You’ll experience some gentle pressure, far less severe than the intense discomfort associated with the tightening of conventional braces. 


The Benefits of Teeth Straightening Treatment

While many people want to know how to straighten teeth for cosmetic reasons, plenty of practical advantages are associated with teeth straightening. 


  • Healthier Teeth and Gums

When your teeth are in alignment, there are fewer crevices for food particles to become trapped, reducing plaque buildup and bacterial growth in your mouth. As a result, your gums also benefit. Plaque can develop under the gums and on the tooth root, causing deterioration. Straighter teeth mean it’s easier to brush and floss effectively, ensuring your teeth and gums are clean and healthy. 


  • Improved Speech

The placement of your teeth affects the way you speak. Open bites and malocclusion are structural anomalies that can lead to speech irregularities. By correcting your bite and fixing crooked teeth, speech production and sound are improved.


  • Reduced Stress to the Jaw and Muscles

Crooked teeth can affect your bite, often causing excess strain on your jaw and facial muscles. An improper bite can contribute to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders which result in jaw soreness, neck pain, and tired facial muscles. Straightening teeth relieves this pressure and allows you to live more comfortably. 


  • Better Overall Health 

Your oral health directly impacts your overall wellness. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to other complications like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocarditis, and Alzheimer’s. Undergoing teeth straightening treatment makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene, benefitting your whole body.


  • Enhanced Self-Confidence

An aesthetically pleasing smile can have positive effects on your mental health and social life as well. Studies show that an individual’s perception of their smile affects their social and psychological wellbeing, directly impacting their behaviour and confidence. 


Find Out if Dental Braces Are Right for Your Teeth

When it comes to contemporary orthodontic options, there are plenty of ways to get the smile you’ve always desired. Whether your goal is improved bite function or teeth straightening, our MyHM Dentist in Kellyville offers contemporary dental braces or clear aligners as dental solutions. 

Our dentist, Dr Hiromi Matsuoka, can guide you through these options and answer questions about teeth straightening process. Call us on (02) 9158 6379 to book your orthodontic consultation today.

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