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Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that can last for many years with proper care. At first glance, they might seem to be among the more costly dental treatments, but they actually don’t cost a lot more when compared to other dental replacements, such as conventional dentures, which need to be replaced every few years. Partial or full dentures may need replacement sooner if a patient loses multiple teeth in quick succession. 


Why are dental implants expensive?

Dental implant cost depends on several factors, some of which are: 


Expensive raw materials

Dental implants comprise three different parts, each made with the highest quality materials that are compatible with the human body and run no risk of infection or getting rejected. 


factors considering implanted teeth kellyvilleTitanium or Zirconium Implants

The actual implant is a screw-like part made of titanium or zirconium and fixed to the jaw. This implant acts like the root of a real tooth, holding replacement teeth in place


Titanium or Zirconium abutment

The abutment is a small part that fits on top of the implant and connects the implant to the crown. It is made of the same material as the implant. 


Porcelain or ceramic crown

The crown is the actual replacement of a missing tooth and is made of high-quality ceramic or porcelain. It is customised according to a mould that the dentist makes in their clinic before sending it off to a lab for manufacturing. This ensures crowns look, feel and even fit exactly as real teeth do. 


The dentist or oral surgeon’s skill

Dentists and oral surgeons charge a premium price for their services as they undertake years of highly specialised education to qualify as dental practitioners, after which they take regular courses and undergo multiple trainings to stay up-to-date with modern dental healthcare practices and technology.

A dentist’s experience also reflects on their pricing. As a general rule, the more skills and experience a dentist has gained, the higher their pricing will be. 


Location of the dental clinic

Dental implant treatment in a middle-class or low-income locality will be slightly cheaper than it will be in an affluent area as the residents’ socio-economic status will be different, and the overhead costs will be lower. 


Pre-implant procedures

Dental implant treatment doesn’t start with fitting the implant in the jawbone. There may be a different dental treatment required to create the ideal situation for dental implant surgery. 


Bone graft

Some patients opting for dental implants may require a bone graft to increase the volume and density of their jaw bone, so that the implant can integrate properly with the bone and there is no risk of a bone fracture or displacement of the implant after it is fitted. 


Sinus lift

The roots of the upper teeth lie fairly close to the sinus, and in certain cases, a dentist will not go ahead with a dental implant procedure until the sinus is lifted away from the implant site through a surgical procedure. 


Tooth extraction

Sometimes, fitting dental implants requires the removal of adjacent teeth, which may hamper access to the implant site.

Natural teeth may also be removed if they are decayed or there are signs of gum disease in the area the dental implant needs to be placed. This happens mostly when a patient has bad oral health. 


Teeth cleaning

Dentists will examine the teeth of a dental implant patient for caries, plaque or tartar, which is the build-up of bacteria on a tooth’s enamel. If not this is not cleaned, it can infect the inner tooth, the jawbone and gum tissue, complicating the dental implant treatment. 


Number of implants

The cost of dental implants also depends on the number of missing or damaged teeth that need to be replaced. A single dental implant will be cheaper than multiple teeth implants. 



What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental implants cost will also depend on how the implant will be fitted on the upper and lower jaws. 


Endosteal implants

Dental implants fitted within the jaw are called endosteal implants. In this, dental implants are fitted in the exact same spot as the missing natural teeth by drilling into the jaw and filling in the gap with the customised crown. They can be fitted in the upper or lower jaw. 


Subperiosteal implants

These implants are also placed in the same spots as the missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw, but the screw-like implant is placed on or above the bone instead of within it. The crown is then fitted like it is in an endosteal implant.


cost more reasons tooth implant kellyvilleZygomatic implants

Zygomatic dental implants are those where the implant component is fitted into the cheekbone rather than the jawbone. They are mainly used to replace an entire dental arch and, in certain cases, may be an easier and quicker oral implant option.

In all cases, implants require dental surgery performed under general or local anaesthesia or sedation or a combination of these. Post-surgery, patients can expect temporary swelling, bruising, mild pain and slight bleeding from the gum tissue. These effects are managed by over-the-counter pain medication and go away quickly. 


Who should get dental implants?

Since dental implants serve the same purpose as natural teeth, they are the ideal solution for patients who have lost their own teeth due to some trauma, bad dental hygiene, old age or certain diseases and their treatment, such as mouth cancer or chemotherapy. 


What is the cost of tooth implants?

The cost of dental implants in Australia can start from $2000 for a single implant and $ 17000 for an entire dental arch.

Patients on a budget may find cheap dental implants, but they should be aware these may be cheaper because of lower-quality manufacturing or an improper dental implant procedure. 


Why choose MyHM Dentist for dental implants?

MyHM Dentist offers a full range of dental treatments in Kellyville, NSW. Dr Hiromi Matsuoka has been offering the latest treatments in cosmetic and restorative dentistry for more than 20 years.

With her highly qualified dental team, she provides a caring, warm environment that puts patients at ease and makes the process of putting in a new implant as comfortable as possible.

With many dental implant success stories to its name, you can be sure that MyHM Dentist is the right place to get dental implants in Kellyville. Contact us on (02) 9158 6379 to book an appointment that fits your schedule!




Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.






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