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With new research and developments reshaping the world of dentistry as we know it, digital dental implants are now the talk of the town. While implants are the very best that dentists have to offer in terms of missing teeth replacement, the surgery has always been invasive with several contraindications and considerations to keep in mind. DIO dental implants have revolutionized the way this surgery is being performed today. It is better, safer, more effective, and much faster than before, which allows patients to get their new teeth sooner than they expected.

MyHM Dentist takes pride in being up to date with the very latest that technology has to offer. We trust the best quality implants, and the most efficient scanning/imaging tools to make any surgery feel like a breeze for our valuable patients!

Conventional vs Digital Dental Implants

There are a number of reasons why many patients are now looking into the digital dental implant technology over conventional teeth replacement surgeries. Perhaps one of the biggest differences is in the way the surgery itself is performed. DIO dental implants do not require flap preparations or incisions to be placed underneath the gums. Sounds almost too good to be true, we’re sure! The cuts and the bleeding are things that no patient ever looks forward to, even when they are sedated, but with the latest technology dentists don’t have to use their scalpels at all! The site of surgery simply shows two holes through which the implants have been embedded into the jaw bone. This means minimal bleeding, minimal soft tissue damage and fewer sutures than before.

Dentists usually take a complete medical and drug history before considering a patient eligible for implant surgery. They usually look for systemic conditions such as diabetes, because in such cases, the surgery may be contraindicated. However, with the DIO Digital dental implant technology, even Diabetes patients can qualify for treatment with all precautions in place. This is because the DIO surgery is a flapless one, and therefore the chances of post-operative pain and inflammation are significantly reduced. The recovery period is incredibly fast, which means that even patients who suffer from elevated blood pressure levels can opt for digital dental implants.

The third most important factor to consider for comparison is the time taken to complete the surgery. With the DIO intra-oral scanners, and efficient new surgical techniques, it takes just under 20 minutes for dentists to place an implant in the mouth. Flap design and creation, multiple radiographs, bleeding control and inefficient tools make conventional implant surgeries at least an hour long in normal cases. DIO dental implants are ideal for people who cannot give that much time to dental appointment due to busy work schedules or travel etc.

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Digital Intraoral Scanning for Implants

Gone are the days when dentists would have to use a large intra-oral camera to take radiographs from different angles to plan a surgery. Digital dental implants are planned with the help of scanners that produce high quality, impeccably precise three dimensional images of the oral cavity. This clarity and accuracy allows dentists to create a treatment plan or strategy within minutes. You must have heard about same-day fillings, but the current technology has now paved way for same day dental implants as well. Based on the information recorded using the scanner, dentists can create the most aesthetically appealing prostheses custom-fabricated for each individual patient in just a few hours.

DIO dental implants use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture) for automated precision prosthesis fabrication. So even if your schedule is tight with work, appointments and even travel plans – there is always a possibility for you to get your teeth replaced the same day you get your dental scan done.

Benefits of digital dental implant technology:

Here is a brief summary of the most popular benefits of opting for DIO implant solutions:

  • Significantly reduced chances of post-operative swelling and bleeding
  • Faster recovery and tissue healing
  • Little or no damage to soft tissues at the site of surgery
  • No flaps or incisions, and therefore fewer sutures
  • Same-day implant dentistry
  • Pleasant, comfortable experience for patients
  • Surgery time reduced by half
  • Detailed, highly accurate intra-oral scanning for better treatment planning
  • Outstandingly natural looking teeth made using CAD/CAM
  • Complete restoration of dental function

So what are you waiting for? If you have missing teeth in your oral cavity, you can opt for our highly sophisticated digital dental implants for an incredible new smile makeover. Simply call MyHM Dentist Kellyville today to book your appointment with our team of experts.

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