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Many patients tend to think that braces are the same as aligners, and vice versa – while both treatments aim at correcting dental alignment and occlusion issues, they differ in many ways. You can learn all about clear aligners vs braces at MyHM Dentist; our dentist will help you choose the treatment that meets your lifestyle and needs best!

Clear dental aligners

Clear dental aligners combine the very best of cosmetic and orthodontic practices. This technology was designed to cater to patients who are very conscious about the appearance of their smile, and do not wish to compromise it even during treatment.

Clear, or invisible aligners are basically a set of two trays that snugly fit over the teeth of the upper and lower jaws. They then exert a certain amount of pressure on the teeth to induce controlled movements, fixing their position in the oral cavity.

One of the most prominent points of comparison in clear aligners vs braces is that braces involve the placement of a metallic appliance on the teeth to correct occlusion. Aligners are transparent trays made of clear, strong plastic. They remain virtually invisible to others even when the patient smiles or speaks. It is their unmatched aesthetic properties that have made aligners highly popular among teenagers and adult patients who wish to make their smile appear straighter, aligned, and more attractive.

Clear aligners cost somewhere between $4500 to $6000 depending upon the practice and the technology they’re using.

Orthodontic Braces

The purpose of highlighting differences when it comes to clear aligners vs braces is not to make one treatment seem better than the other. Both have different applications, and both help patients get a more appealing, aligned smile. While aligners are only meant to correct mild to moderate dental malocclusions, orthodontic braces fix a number of jaw rotation, crowding, spacing, bite irregularity, and mal-alignment issues. In many cases, braces become a necessity to help patients get a healthy bite.

Orthodontic Braces

Braces involve the bonding of brackets, bands and wires on to the teeth to push and pull them into the desired positions. Appliances like coils and expanders are used to close/maintain gaps, and control arch sizes respectively. The treatment duration is also longer for braces in many cases. Patients usually tend to look for alternate options because the metal bands, brackets and wires compromise the aesthetics of the smile while the treatment lasts – but the results do make it all worth it!

Braces can cost up to $5000 and require retention after the appliances have been removed. Orthodontic treatments are covered by most dental insurance providers.

Clear aligners vs Braces: Understanding the cost of the treatments

You’ll notice that clear aligners cost more than regular braces at most dental clinics. With this cost comes one of the best technologies that dentistry can offer, including highly accurate intraoral imaging, treatment progress mapping over the months and weeks, and prompt change of aligner trays every two weeks or so. Aligner treatments usually last from 8 to 12 months for adults.

Regular braces cost less, but the treatment planning addresses each and every irregularity that the appliances can correct, from mal-occlusions, to scissor bites, from retained primary teeth, to generalised spacing in the arches. The focus, in this case, is not the appearance, but the functionality of the teeth and jaws. We advise all our patients to check with their insurance providers about the dental treatments they cover prior to proceeding with braces or aligners.

If you are not satisfied with the way your teeth look, or if you have been experiencing problems related to occlusion and bite, book an appointment with the team at MyHM Dentist. Our dental team offers comprehensive clear aligner vs braces consultation helping you decide which treatment suits your needs best. You can learn how both technologies differ from one another, and how they can help you smile better than before. We’ll be happy to give you quotes for how much your aligners or braces cost at our clinic while addressing any other questions you may have regarding the procedures.

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